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New Crazy Tooth Studio Online Slot Game

Phone had been born one hundred years, but its development has never had a stop, such as VOIP, Skype, 3 G and IPhone.

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When Crazy Tooth Studio develops and releases a new online casino slot game, there is a bit of fanfare. The developers have fun with it. And they certainly did this with Banana Drop, which they released on July 16.

Through its partnership with Microgaming, the latter is able to distribute Crazy Tooth Studio games to many Australian online casinos and others throughout the world.

The folks at Crazy Tooth Studio even have a name for build-up to a new game. The aptly-named BIG BuildUp video provides a fun look into the inner workings of the studio.

For Banana Drop, it seemed as if everything around the office turned into bananas. Dreams of a tropical paradise, complete with monkeys monkeying around, presented an idea for a fun slot game.

The soundtrack is a mix of upbeat steel-drum-based island music when the reels spin and a soothing tambourine-cymbal combination between spins. And the sounds of crashing waves behind it transports the player to that perfect beach setting.

And just in front of that beach and the banana trees is the jungle part of the paradise, where monkeys frolic through the trees and drop bananas – sometimes very valuable ones.